Invitation to the seminar Chile Global-links Cs. Social: retribution

Invitation to the seminar Chile Global-links Cs. Social: retribution

Friends and friends,

This post is aimed at the community of Chilean researchers of graduate studying or working in programs of social sciences at universities in the United States. You wrote this time because we want to make them an invitation. Perhaps some of you have heard talk of the network of scientific Chilean in U.S. called ties Chile-USED; Links exists makes 6 years, and are created to promote the collaboration between scientific Chilean in U.S., and between them and their pairs in Chile.

Links as such is now a consolidated network, which every year organizes a Conference, in addition to supporting academic and professional development activities. However, for some time links you looking for expand and include researchers from the social sciences in its network, encouraging participation and dialogue with social scientists in their bodies.

This year, we're trying to take a concrete step in the incorporation of the social sciences in the network. The Conference of links, which will take place in Philadelphia on 18 and 19 November, will feature a meeting on the Thursday 17 of November in the afternoon, to which them want to invite. This meeting has two complementary objectives:

  • In the medium term, be the first instance that brings together researchers in social sciences interested in forming links between social sciences.
  • Immediately, open a space in which we can discuss ideas and proposals with respect to the cross-cutting theme of Nexos 2016, which is the retribution to Chile of the researchers in the foreign.

This is a theme that us calls to the most, not only by interests particular but also by the made of that to many us finances scholarships Chile, what determines our requirement of return to the country. Therefore, in line with the objective of ties Chile-USA "collaborate in the creation of scientific public policies that contribute to the research and technological development of our country", we want to generate a debate - and ideally a proposal--on what should be a policy of retribution suitable for Chile, and according to our needs.

The meeting will be held under the title "Seminar Chile Global-links Cs. Social: retribution" (see attached) and will feature two panels of discussion where representatives of professional and academic networks of Chileans in the United States, among others, in what will be one of the first experiences of joint dialogue among social scientists in the United States. To view the program and register for free you can visit the following registration form. There are only 20 spaces available! Want to ask them that if have any possibility of coming to Philadelphia the 17 of November us alert and book the date much before. At the end of the ties Conference there will be a round table in which also discuss the remuneration, and social scientists will present the conclusions that we draw 17, in order to issue a document in common with scientists.

If you want to know more about ties Chile-USA or about the Conference in November, you can visit If you have ideas, suggestions or comments about the possibility of forming social science links, contact any one of us.