Called to apply to the Organization of symposia for the meeting 2017 of the SBBMCh

Called to apply to the Organization of symposia for the meeting 2017 of the SBBMCh

Dear members:

As is made the year last, would like to make them participate of the Organization of our next meeting annual to take is to effect of the September 26-29, 2017, in Puerto Varas.

Thus, the Welcome to propose the Organization of symposia for this meeting.

As in previous years, the SBBMCh can cover the costs associated with registration, hotel and food ONLY for the international guests, while the National simposiantes (partners and not partners) should meet with their own expenses including the registration to the event.

It is therefore important to remember that it is the responsibility of the (the) each power Symposium Organizer (s) secure funds to cover travel expenses of the foreign simposiantes (Pto Varas and international fare).

Thus also, is good stress that as have driven in the last years them symposia is performed in English.

Thus, we invite you cordially to do we get their proposals to organize Symposium until the 15 of December of this year to our Secretary, Dr. Luis F. Larrondo to

The proposal should contain name of the Symposium, the description of simposiantes with a small biosketch of each one of them.

On the other hand, we know that there are partners who might be interested in having a symposium of any particular theme (for example, medicine and forensic biochemistry), but that by a matter of financing or thematic outposts cannot be responsible for the Organization of these. We have therefore decided to include within the modality of this year the following: that stakeholders that will cover certain themes do get proposals for items. With this information, we will try to contact partners who may be able to be responsible for the Organization of a symposium of this area. The deadline for the submission of topics for symposia proposal is up to the 30 November.

It says goodbye cordially
Directive SBBMCh