Positive results of talks ANEB in commemoration of 60 years of Biochemistry

Positive results of talks ANEB in commemoration of 60 years of Biochemistry

The students Tomás Alonso Hernández Díaz, 22-year-old fifth year of Biochemistry, and Wilson Elias Castillo Inaipil, 20 years, third year of the same race, delegates of the National Association of students of Biochemistry (ANEB), unveiled the balance of the "talks ANEB"which took place in March in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the race.

Academics and students of biochemistry of our faculty are celebrating 60 years of career in enthusiastically and in addition to having created a commemorative logo, they have organised a series of activities that included the active participation of the students through the ANEB, association that brings together 10 universities around the country that teach this race.

Both students were active organisers of all the meetings, attended by distinguished professors and graduates and in which there was significant participation of students of the faculty.

On the outcome of the talks, both students indicated that they generally had an average attendance of 30 students of different years of the race, as well as a small amount of other races and other teachers.

Hernandez stands out with respect to the issues addressed, that the most striking, and with better reception from the public were "Microbiology to the end" and "Bioinformatics and its applications", adding that "we assume was as well because they are relatively new and have a" great scientific and technological potential".

For his part, Wilson Castillo said the objectives of each of the presentations:

"Microbiology to the end was as useful to publicize the biotechnological potential of these microorganisms in general and if possible make known part of scientific inquiry that takes place in them". On the other hand, the bioinformatics issue was approach the knowledge of this and its use in the various fields of science, essentially in Biochemistry and take advantage of learn some general information, he said. For his part, Tomás Hernández said that Virology aimed to publicize part of Chilean research carried out in the field, "of which little is known", said, adding that "the Forum was intended to talk and discuss science in Chile as well as raising awareness in all levels of science, from who study it to who practice and taught".

Both pointed out that "in general, these themes were useful for our partners, since they released the"other side"of Biochemistry, issues which does not speak much, and relatively little is known". They added that "our colleagues we finally thanked by the initiative, since it helped them to meet and talk with teachers, external to the Faculty and the experience of knowing what work, engage in what and how they see science at the national level".

Note that these themes were elected by the peers of the race.

Consulted about how it continues this initiative said that "we intend that this initiative occurs each year during the last days of March, but with more topics, simply transform this into a mini conference which is annual. During the year we have not planned activities, because we will gather with partners to organize possible events".

ANEB appreciates the participation of the following teachers:

-Christian Wilson

-Jorge Babul

-Victoria Guixé

-Giannina thorn

-María José Gallardo

-Cesar Ramirez

-Carolina Mascayano

-Marcelo Lopez

-Brave Fernando

Direction of Extension. April 20, 2017.


From left to right: Wilson Castle and Tomás Hernández.