Award ASILFA 2016: Experience of the Professor Amalia Sapag in pharmaceutical laboratory OPKO Mexico one year of having been awarded the distinction

Award ASILFA 2016: Experience of the Professor Amalia Sapag in pharmaceutical laboratory OPKO Mexico one year of having been awarded the distinction

In March of this year the Industrial Association of pharmaceutical laboratories (ASILFA) presented the award to the "professional distinguished 2016", Professor Amalia Sapag Muñoz de la Peña, academic in the Department of pharmacological and toxicological chemistry.

The prize "Distinguished professional" is part of a collaboration agreement between ASILFA and the Faculty of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the University of Chile which aims to promote the development of research in the sector.

In turn, the President of ASILFA, Alessandro Micheli highlighted the merits of the winner appreciating the great contribution that has made in gene therapy research and development. "As ASILFA" - said on the occasion-"we are proud to reward the outstanding contribution of the DRA. Amalia Sapag to the pharmaceutical sector, hoping that his example and dedication continue to inspire new generations". Micheli stressed at the same time that "the pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic industry facing new challenges every day. For this reason, we have committed to acknowledge the dedicated effort carried out by academics and researchers".

Visit of Professor Sapag to laboratory pharmacist OPKO of Mexico

ASILFA chose the pharmaceutical laboratory OPKO Mexico, located in Guadalajara, as the institution to visit by Dr. Amalia Sapag as a substantive part of the prize; journey that materialized between 22 and 26 May 2017.

Located in the colony of Chapalita, OPKO is a laboratory dedicated to the elaboration of products ophthalmic, having two production lines, one solution and one of ointments. The Dr. Ana Cecilia González Villegas (in-QFB, PhD), regulations and Development Manager, served as scientific nexus.

The activities carried out by the Krueger Sapag included a general visit to the plant of OPKO Mexico guided by Dr. González; a tour with entry into the areas of production by Maria Elena Rodriguez (in QFB); a visit to the laboratory of research and development guided by Aracely Álvarez (in-QFB, head of development) and a visit to the center of distribution of OPKO.

These stays were supplemented by sessions of scientific interaction with Dr. Ana González, about, among several topics, previous research efforts of OPKO Mexico, the line of molecular diagnosis of OPKO Health, on historical aspects the development of the company in its current configuration as part of a transnational laboratory from a local independent laboratory with over 50 years of experience (Pharmacos Exakta).

Similarly, during his visit to Mexico OPKO Krueger Sapag had the opportunity to meet Hans Berner, Vice President of ASILFA and Chief Executive Officer of OPKO Latin America on coincidental visit from Chile, giving you the opportunity to appreciate some aspects of the relationship between subsidiaries in different countries of an international pharmaceutical company.

Our academic offered (May 25) at the premises of OPKO Mexico, talk about their current work "APTAMERS of RNA against toxins of the poison of LAS spiders of the genus LOXOSCELES: potential for EL development of UN ANTIDOTE", with the intention of giving back in part the generosity of so many people that they shared with her their time and their knowledge during their visit. The attendance was nourished and participatory, and trigger interactions later. This activity allowed a directionality to the exchange between academia and the pharmaceutical industry, which is what it purports to promote the prize ASILFA.

Dr. Amalia Sapag and Dr. Ana Gonzalez.

Dr. Amalia Sapag next Aracely Älvarez.

Hans Berner, Dr. Amalia Sapag and Itza Jimenez.

Dr. Amalia Sapag next to the President of ASILFA, Alessandro Micheli and Dean Prof. Arturo Squella.