FIRST cycle of talks ANEB 2017, 60 years of the career of Biochemistry in Chile

FIRST cycle of talks ANEB 2017, 60 years of the career of Biochemistry in Chile

Between the days Monday, March 27 and Thursday 30 December talks ANEB cycle took place. On his first day he spoke about extremophiles, with the participation of the DRA. Victoria Guixé of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile and the Dra Giannina thorn of the Bioscience Foundation. The extremophiles were exposed from the evolutionary history of its biochemistry until its possible biotechnological application. On the second day we visited Dr. Cesar Ramirez-sarmiento and Carolina Mascayano to enlighten us about Bioinformatics and its potential applications, a powerful tool which gradually won followers among students and professionals.

He arrived on Wednesday, March 29 and she is presented before Marcelo López-lastra audience with the art of war and its fight against the virus, closing the day exposed brave Fernando along with their novel strategy against viruses. To end the cycle of talks conducted a foro-panel were invited to which Jorge Babul, Maria Jose Gallardo and Christian AM Wilson talking about "the reality of science in chile" whose discussion lasted for about 2 hours and a half. As a thank you are gift to each exhibitor a wine of honor

This event was created from the will of a team of students of Biochemistry de el Prof. Dr. Christian Wilson, academic collaboration with the Faculty of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the University of Chile, in addition to the collaboration of the Centre of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and biochemistry 2017 students.
The goal is to complement the training and information of the students of the University, apart from curricular training, expanding their knowledge in different areas of the Chilean research, promoting and arousing the interest of attendees students on topics.

We hope with all my heart that this event be repeated during the following years, with the aim of bringing to more colleagues to research carried out in chile currently

National Association of students of Biochemistry (EBNA)