Professional with doctoral degree to work in the Institute of pharmacy from the Universidad Austral

The subject deals with chemistry of hops and activity remielinizante and neuroprotectiva (in neonate rat tissue) of the isolated compounds and extract, in addition to validations and measurements by hplc DAD and masses of extract and products.

This major adult FONDEF project proposes the collection of hops in the area of Valdivia, the quantification of the same polyphenols by HPLC-DAD masses and activity antioxidant and anti-aging neuroprotectiva in rats and cells of rat of the extract or compounds isolated from hops.

Start March 2018.

Requirements: doctor, licensed or titled of chemistry and pharmacy, biochemistry, biotechnology or related career. Ideally, the applicant to apply to doctoral or postdoctoral fellowship with the UACh to fondecyt.

Work to be done: laboratory of natural products, Institute of pharmacy, Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia. Schedule complete a FONDEF project for 16 months, to quantify bioactive compounds of hops and make a supplement for brain regeneration.

Possibility of good scientific publications in the field of natural products and bioactive compounds.

Ideally someone who wants to do a postdoc or doctorate in the Austral University of Chile.

Application deadline: until the job is complete.

Functions: use of HPLC-DAD team for Quantitation of compounds by curve calibration, biological measurements antioxidant activity with spectrophotometer, isolation of natural products for chromatography, aid in experiments with rats and mice.

Any questions, contact Dr Mario Simirgiotis, of the Institute of pharmacy, telephone + 56999835427