Is offered charge of researcher with Ph.d.

Cargo offer:
Researcher with Ph.d.

The Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Santo Tomas, called professionals with academic degree of Doctor to send your background for the position of researcher at the AustralBiotech Research Center.
1. training of undergraduate in the area of chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, or related careers.
2. degree of doctor of chemical sciences, engineering or other related areas.
3 demonstrate knowledge and verifiable experience in the areas mentioned in order to implement in the interior of the Centre applied research, scientific and technological projects, services and consultancies to domestic and foreign companies.
4. possessing high quality publications (WOS or SCOPUS, Q1 or Q2) in relevant journals in the area of chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical technology and/or food, at least three five years.
5 it is well worth having developed (products or prototypes) applied science focused on the application and obtaining patents.
6. possess skills to join trans-disciplinary teams within the Faculty of Sciences, other research centres and other national and foreign institutions.
7 photocopy doctoral degree simple
8. letters of recommendation.
9 letter of motivation/interest in the charge.
10 present (with a maximum of 2 pages) a line of research in the area of
the chemistry/environmental applied chemistry to be implemented in the research center that includes:
(a) overview of the problem and its importance as an object of research.
It is important to point out the new aspects to develop, pointing out the approaches currently in use in the field of research, theoretical foundations and bibliographic analysis that support it.
b) explicit (s) working hypotheses or questions that will guide the research.
(c) General and specific objectives to be achieved; methods and technologies to be used,
activities and work plan for each year of implementation. Keep in mind that a
too extensive presentation or the omission of any of the
mentioned makes difficult the assessment of the proposal.
(d) designate at least one activity of broadcasting are planning to perform with the achievements
and reach of the research. It is not for this purpose, talks to students
the same faculty or teaching activities.
His record in PDF format, please send to Dr. Nelson expensive sources, Director Centre for research.

Contact: Dear Nelson
Institution: Research Center AustralBiotech-Universidad Santo Tomás
Phone: 223624720