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By Dr. Carlos Abeledo, Chair of INGSA Latin America and Caribbean Chapter

The International Network of Science Advice to Governments (INGSA) was created after an international conference organised by the Government of New Zealand, the International Council for Science and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor of New Zealand,  held in August 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand and brought together the world’s leading practitioners of science advice to governments, including chief science advisors and senior representatives of science advisory bodies from Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the United States, Canada and Latin America.

INGSA, operates under the auspices of the International Science Council as an open access international network for individuals and organisations with interest in the theory and practice of science advice from both the demand and supply side. 

INGSA recognises the different contexts, cultures, and structures of governance and policy development and seeks to assist in finding solutions appropriate to these different contexts and cultures. Its main functions are:

• Develop and engage networks to convene practitioners, policy makers, institutions, and researchers operating at the interface between science and policy.
• Deliver capacity building in science advice to develop competent people and institutions operating at local, regional, national and transnational levels.
• Provide thought leadership and new knowledge for enhanced practice at the evidence-policy interface.
• Assist with situational analysis and roadmaps for countries or regions on scientific domains within the Global Goals.
• Provide a forum for policy makers and scientists to work together on specific challenges

Underpinning it all at the principles expressed in the INGSA Manifesto for 2030INGSA’s first activity in Latin America was workshop held in June 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina  on enhancing capacities for science advice to policymakers in South America, organised jointly with Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. After the workshop INGSA established a Latin American and Caribbean Chapterand appointed a steering committee.

The role of INGSA’s regional chapters is to:

• Assist regional science advice capacity building.
• Build a network of science advice practitioners at a regional level (sharing contacts and best practices).
• Act as a support mechanism to policy makers.
• Build a regional science advice eco-system (supported by training and research grants).
• Raise awareness about the principles and practices of science advice.
• Provide regional input to INGSA for its global activities.
• Provide regional input into INGSA’s annual work plan and strategy.

The administration of the chapter’s activities is under the responsibility of  International Science Council Regional Office for Latin America and Caribbean in San Salvador, El Salvador. After the Buenos Aires workshop, INGSA has organised workshops in Kingston, Jamaica (February 2018), Lima, Peru (September, 2018), Panama (October (2018) and Sao Paulo, Brazil (October, 2018). 

The workshops have included presentations from recognised experts in science advice to governments and an active participation in fictional case studies that highlight the challenges presented for science advice in the process of policy formulation and implementation. Information on the activities held at each of the workshops as well as descriptions of case studies can be found in INGSA’s web page.
Probable activities for 2019 include workshops in Mexico and Colombia, as well as a regional workshop for Amazonian countries in Manaos, Brazil.

INGSA is an open access international network for individuals and organisations with interest in the theory and practice of science advice from both the demand and supply side. Currently, INGSA has more than 5000 members from about 80 countries. Membership is free. To join visit:

1: The INGSA Manifesto for 2030, INGSA, INGSA,
2: The INGSA Manifesto for 2030, INGSA, INGSA,
3: Events, INGSA, INGSA,

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