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Dear colleagues,

I am writing to you due to your interest in RNA modifications during viral infections and to ask for your help in finding outstanding applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in RNA Virology. This particular faculty hire will develop a research program geared toward understanding the connections between viral infection and RNA critical for viral replication or persistence, including host or viral RNA structure, function and post-transcriptional modifications. 

This position is one of a three-part campus-wide synergistic hiring initiative, “The Metastructures of Viral Infection”, which focuses on nucleic acid modifications and structural interactions driven by viral infection. The three faculty positions will expand and complement the Madison Virology Program (MVP), which includes over 30 virology faculty campus-wide. Preference will be given to candidates working on RNA viruses that cause disease in animals or humans, especially emerging or zoonotic pathogens. 
The successful candidate will become faculty in the Institute of Molecular Virology with an appointment in one of the following departments: Pathobiological Sciences, Medical Microbiology & Immunology, Oncology, or Biochemistry, depending on their research focus.

Candidates can email me with questions, and more information can be found at:

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