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The day of Biocatalysis (JBiocat 2019) is purpose to disseminate and exchange experiences between the different national groups working in basic and applied aspects of enzyme Biocatalysis: engineering of

Job offers

Is offered charge of researcher with Ph.d.

Cargo offer: researcher with a degree of Doctor offer: the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Santo Tomas, called professionals with academic degree of Doctor to send your background


Chilean scientists discover new form of heart failure is generated

Find - recently published by Nature, the most important scientific magazine on the planet--was developed by a group of international researchers, which highlights the participation of the Chilean Francisco Altamirano,


They manage for the first time the disappearance of cancer of the pancreas in mice

A team led by Spanish researchers has for the first time in mice completely eliminate pancreatic cancer, an advance that paves the way for the development of therapies


Revisiting the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology at the Single-Molecule Level

July 18-21, 2019 | UTEC - University of engineering and technology | Lima, Peru This meeting focuses on the most recent discoveries on the processes involved in the Central Dogma


2019 course of the postgraduate course Latinoamericano of Biophysics

The POSLATAM 2019 course will be held within the Revisiting the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology at the Single-Molecule Level thematic meeting to be held in the city of Lima, Peru on


II Molecular Biosystems Conference Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Functional Genomics

Register | Speakers | Fellowships | Accommodation II “Molecular Biosystems” Conference Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Functional Genomics September 30 – October 4, 2019 Puerto Varas, Región de Los Lagos, Chile The meeting will cover a wide variety


Launch of the first kit in the world that allows you to genetically modify bacteria at home

Clone At Home Crea un organismo transgénico en tu casa, empresa chilena dedicada al desarrollo de experiencias educativas en ciencia, se enorgullece en informar que oficialmente ha lanzado al

Courses, symposia and conferences

Seminar Dra. Maria Ines Barria C. – Universidad de Concepción

Ladies and: are pleased to cordially invite you to participate in talk that will dictate the Dr. Maria Inés Barría Cárcamo, Chilean microbiologist, University of Concepción,