Known links between 2018 main exhibitors: Dr. Alejandro Rojas

Known links between 2018 main exhibitors: Dr. Alejandro Rojas

Friday, November 30: Dr. Alejandro Rojas

Senior Scientist, Fulcrum Therapeutics

I: biotechnology Symposium

"Swinging gene regulation in an era of precision medicine"

Alejandro studied biochemistry at the University of Chile, where he focused on understanding the effect of metal ions on the regulation of the expression of genes in filamentous fungi. After a short tenure in the Foundation Science & life, where he collaborated in the development of assays for the detection of viruses in fruit trees, Alejandro went to Dr. Danny Reinberg laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of New York. In this lab, he made his doctoral thesis focusing on his work in understanding how post-translational modifications are involved in the regulation of gene expression in mammals. In 2016, Alejandro decided to continue pursuing his passion for understanding the expression of genes, but now from the gaze of the biology of development and drug discovery. He is currently a Senior Scientist at Fulcrum Therapeutics, company which aims to develop drugs to treat rare genetic diseases by modulating gene expression through small molecules. In her role, she serves as the leader of the Group's identification of therapeutic targets and as scientific leader of the muscular dystrophy FSHD program.

Do not miss the participation of Alexander this November 30!

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