Regional Government opens nomination to FIC-R 2017 until 26 may

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The Provision of the Fund lnnovacion the competitiveness of regional decision (FlC-R) program is the provision of the National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR) that is assigned to the regional Governments for investment in innovation. The Metropolitan Regional Government of Santiago has decided to execute much of these resources, allocated in the budget year 2017, through the Innovation Fund for Regional competitiveness year 2017, Fic-R 2017.

Initiatives that are funded through the present competition, must adhere to the following priorities:

1) lnnovacion for small-scale mining in the Region.
(2) environmental lnnovacion involving businesses and the community, that addresses the
regional issues such as sustainability, adaptability to climate change,
recycling, waste treatment in any part of the cycle and the resource optimization

Who can apply?

State colleges and universities recognized by the State are accredited, regional centres for scientific development and technology created by the calls of CONICYT, the business incubators that are effective in CORFO or any of the institutions which comply with the requirements of the Decree No. 68 of the February 23, 2009, the Ministry of economy Development and reconstruction, and its amendments.


The presentation of the initiatives will be 40 days calendar, counted from the day following the date of publication in the Web page of the Regional Metropolitan Government

The effective implementation of the activities of the initiative may not exceed 12 months, whose home is considered since the entry into force of the agreement of transfer.

Funding amounts

The maximum amount likely to be funded by the initiative is up to S100.000.000.-(one hundred million pesos).


The contest includes a period of consultation which may take place within the period of ten working days from the publication of the call. These consultations should only be performed by e-mail to the following e-mail address:

All questions and their respective answers will be published on the website of the Metropolitan Regional Government of Santiago, within five working days of the date of the end of the consultation period.

Also publishes the resolution number. 02 date of January 14, 2016, under-Secretariat for Regional and administrative development, which is cited in the present conditions, inasmuch as it establishes requirements and formalities of the same.


Resolution N ° 421 Government Regional BASES FIC-R 2017

Resolution N ° 2 Secretariat for Regional and administrative development

FIC-R 2017 nomination forms