Information from International Relations Directorate: Luksic Scholarship at Stanford (USA)

Information from International Relations Directorate: Luksic Scholarship at Stanford (USA)

Mr. Ennio Vivaldi
Universidad de Chile

Dear Rector Vivaldi:

I hope you're all right.

My name is Jeff Swiryn, Executive Director of the Luksic Scholars Foundation.

Here,all, I wanted to inform you about an opportunity recently launched by our organization, alongside Stanford University, with the support of the Luksic family.

It is a scholarship to conduct the Visiting Scholars and Fellows program at the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford (CLAS), USA, aimed at Chilean professors and academics from various areas looking to research outside.

In addition, the beneficiaries will have at their disposal the thousands of volumes of the library of that study house, contact with fellow teachers, and access to programmatic programs and activities of the center.

In order for you to disseminate this opportunity among your institution's teacher campus, I go on to detail the benefits that the scholarship envisages:

The scholarship is to allow the Visting Scholar/Fellow to develop its research project for a quarter in Stanford, California.

Within the benefits, the selected candidate will get a round-trip airfare in economy class, housing allowance and a discreet stipend. CLAS will provide shared office spaces, and privileges for library use. Visiting Scholars and Fellows are expected to join CLAS academic life and attend conferences and public events organized by the Center.

In the case of interested parties, you can refer the following application requirements:

  • Academic year: 2021-2022
  • Deadline for submission of complete applications: January 31, 2021


  • Candidates from the Luksic-Stanford CLAS Visiting Scholars & Fellows Program must have a doctorate and a current position at a university or research institution.
  • A statement of purpose
  • Sponsorship letter: support for the nomination by a member professor at the University of
  • Letter of Recommendation: support for the nomination by the nominee's institution, preferably from a dean or
  • Curriculum vitae that demonstrates English language proficiency.

All materials must be submitted in English and complete applications must be submitted electronically to

Please, if you had any questions about this opportunity, feel free to contact me via the following email:

More information regarding the program can be found on our website:

I appreciate your time and I hope this information will be of use to you. Kind regards

Jeff Swiryn
Executive Director
Luksic Scholars Foundation