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Argentine Ants, the super-colony beneath our feet  

with Jenna Florio

7:00 pm Wedensday, April 4
A single ant colony from Argentina has now filled almost six hundred miles of California’s coastline creating something called a super colony. Learn about the surprising behavior of these ants and the research being done on them here at UC Berkeley. Also discover the unseen world of insects right below your feet using ongoing citizen science projects and learn why ants are the perfect “gateway bug” to get the public interested in science.

Grounds for Science

Did You See That?
A Theory of Visual Perception
with Dylan Paiton
Optical illusions and visual hallucinations are highly unusual. How is it that we are able to see something that is not really there? Dylan will outline standard methods that neuroscientists use to better understand how our brains process light, and introduce a theory for conscious vision that has guided decades of computational and experimental neuroscience.

Caminos de la Ciencia

Explosiones y Sismos Solares

Solar Flares and Sunquakes
Dr. Juan Carlos Martínez Oliveros
Esta presentación será en español / This presentation will be in Spanish  
24 de marzo, 1:45 – 3:30 pm

2148 Broadway, Oakland

Entrada Gratis / Free Admission

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