"This country doesn't need me": sad letter from former student scholarships Chile Director of Conicyt

"This country doesn't need me": sad letter from former student scholarships Chile Director of Conicyt

A regrettable situation denounced the sociologist Ana Carolina Rodríguez, who recounted how not it could repay the country being part of the Chile grant program, accusing abandonment of the National Commission for scientific and technological research (Conicyt).

Through his Facebook account, Rodriguez said that "I was Chile scholarship program for doctoral studies abroad between 2011 and 2015. With this scholarship I did a PhD in agricultural sciences with mention in conservation of peat bogs and wetlands at the University of Humboldt-Berlin, Germany. "My doctoral thesis, a monograph, offers the first classification hidrogeomorfica of peat bogs in the basins of the rivers Baker and Easter, region of Aysen".

"With the $300,000 grant Chile I was awarded as return aid ABA a journey to Coyhaique to expose to professionals of the CIEP (Centre for research in Patagonia ecosystems) and the Secretary of the Ministry of agriculture, then, Mr. Horacio Velasquez." Both granted dates to expose. However, the SEREMI, a few days before the flight cancelled without clear reasons the appointment I had granted. My disappointment was even greater, when any person of the CIEP was the talk held on Thursday, November 12, 2015 at the headquarters of the Universidad Austral in Coyhaique, while they had supported the investigation", he explained.

In addition, Rodriguez reported that Conicyt rejected his project and then this was "appropriated" by the Ministry of mining. "I asked for hearings and sent my resume to all the research centres and public institutions related with environment and/or peat bogs. Everyone congratulated me for the doctorate. No one welcomed me, invited or gave the chance to work."

The professional shot, noting that "I came back to Chile with all the enthusiasm of contributing and giving back my scholarship, my spouse followed me here to stay and form a life, hoping to contribute together to the development of our discipline. But this is simply impossible, because I have not a rare surname, studied at an expensive school, or belong to a political party, I have no networks because I was seven years out of the country forming me and went back to check that Chile does not need the knowledge and expertise we have. As the assessment of my first rejected CONICYT project explains: "the theme that I am presenting is not inherent to the research needs of the country".

15 months of my return to Chile, "we want to tell that already we cannot more live here. Personally, I'm rewarding nothing because this country does not need me. Does not have any logic follow here to rot me in frustration and starving me. We are very sad in this regard but at the same time aware that we try everything to achieve insert ourselves here. We have no other choice and we leave with the bitter taste and worthwhile to know that so many wonderful ecosystems will remain in the threat, in the hands of institutions who only want to exploit them as the ministries of agriculture and mining in Magallanes and Aysén, or worse still, those who even take the right to pour them their chemical wastes and violate any measure of protection of its Marsh flora ", such as the forest of the Region de Los Rios".

Source: Dynamo