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Women in research: the challenge of the new Ministry

We are the second country that has fewer women engaged in science in Latin America, only beating Honduras. There is low participation of women in research, in some disciplines

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Poster propaganda clichés of mass spectrometry

Topics: Mass-spectrometry based analytical methods for the characterization of natural and synthetic macromolecules (introduction to proteomics; Lipidomics; Foodomica; Glycomics; Petrolomica and General omics) timetable:

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January 2019: Evolution and heritage days

Home:: January 23, 2019 10:00 hours. Term: January 25, 2019 15:00 hours. Place: National Museum of Natural history as all the years we invite you to participate

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Broadcasting course bacteriophages

POSTGRADUATE course: Bacteriophages: genome to the metagenome coordinators: Raul Raya and Mariana Piurí guests foreigners: Martin Loessner (Switzerland) and Alejandro Reyes (Colombia) date: 6 March 20, 2019 (se

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Charla J. Maza "Mars and the education of the future: the next frontiers"

Date: Friday, December 28, 2018 time: 16:00 hrs. Place: Auditorium Faculty of Economics and business (Diagonal Paraguay # 205 1st. floor) in the framework of the week of the applicant

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Jorge Babul: "I'd like that the citizens asked for more science and not the scientists, that means education"

The academic of the University of Chile, in conversation with Fernando Paulsen, reflected on the challenges of the Ministry of science, technology, knowledge and innovation. "Feels a positive atmosphere," he said.

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Young Scientist Program 2019 Malaysia

YOUNG SCIENTIST PROGRAM (YSP) 2019at the 27th FAOBMB & 44th MSBMB Conference to be held in Malaysia in August 2019 date: 15-18 August 2019 Venue: Taylor completo University, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


Last Friday deadline to register Assembly/dining partners January 10, 2019

Dear members, the day Thursday, January 10 will have a dinner of Assembly and Assembly of partners. At this dinner, the new directive will be voted, a summary will be made of the

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Pablo Valenzuela reviews by new Minister of Science: "Is not the time to be asking for explanations"

The director of the Science & Life Foundation, who worked for eight years with the new Undersecretary of Science and meets the minister, stated that all scientists have "that

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Sensitive death of Professor Renato Albertini

Dear Estimates: We announce the sensitive death of Prof. Dr. Renato Albertin B., partner and former President of the Society of Biology of Chile. We express to the family and