Andrés Couve, promoter of cell biology in Chile and active participant in the debate that created the Ministry

Andrés Couve, promoter of cell biology in Chile and active participant in the debate that created the Ministry

Today it was announced that the director of the Millennium Institute of neuroscience biomedical of 50 years will serve as the head of this long-awaited Government portfolio.

SANTIAGO.-11:16 in the morning to the PhD in cell biology, Andrés Couve beltstood against President Sebastián Piñera to sign an appointment expected to be months, even years ago. Choice, as the first Secretary of this portfolio, would trigger the implementation of the Ministry of science, technology, knowledge and innovation.

Already with the piocha from the Chilean flag on the left side of his costume, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile He promised to lead the new Government branch that early had between eyebrows. And is that before reaching its 50 yearsCouve participated in all commissions of the Senate where its creation was discussed and even dared to propose directions that would make the portfolio a channel to promote"the incorporation of the research to the imagination of the country”.

If it is that the Ministry is going to be a pulpit scientists speak from an altar, I oppose", said emphatically to what happens in May this year. And is that your presence and experience in the area has given inside laboratories, notably those located in Independence Avenue, where the Institute of neuroscience in Biomedicine (BNI) which runs from 2011.

There came after years of career, the holder in 1991 as a Bachelor of science of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. A curriculum that would nurtured in 1997 with his PhD at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and his postdoctoral fellow of the University College of London in 2003.

Their productivity, specifically, manifests itself in 196 ISI publications that he has made the BNI with average impact of 7,52 and four patents in biomedicine. This is place where could lead to 120 researchers in training, of which 22 were recognized with awards for his scientific contribution. In this unit "its members not only worked by developing new knowledge but that also." "And very active in disseminating science among school children and the national community".

Entrepreneurship has also had in view and not only to integrate directories of the Innovation Group of the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril or port of Ideas Foundation, but have been made worthy of the first prize Andrés Concha Rodríguez that it delivers the Sofofa. "Turned on" one of the current most important voices in the scientific world", it already ahead in October of the year the President of the body, Bernardo Larrain.

And it is the BNI is not the only place where would show its concrete platform, also between 2015 and 2017 He was President of the society of cellular biology of Chilewhere previously he worked at other functions as Secretary and Vice President. Place that came at the same time while he was a member of the Presidential Committee on Science for development.

"It must be a political team at the ministerial level with two tasks," detailing Couve to the average independent SciDev.Net, belonging to the Centre for agricultural Bioscience international. "Consider this vision of where we are and what we do science; and, through that, inspire to the Government and the rest of society to which we feel committed to this country project"." The Ministry of science, which today leads.